Multi-Award winning short film from Director Helen Lyons-Curran

"Judges agreed the film had a superb plot and amazing

sound and lighting, and one of them said that at times it

felt like a Hollywood movie".


- Royal Television Society North West, February 2015.


Belgium - France border, May 1940 A psychological horror set during the British retreat to Dunkirk. Young, inexperienced Private Barnes and injured Sergeant Thompson take cover in a church cellar. Trapped behind enemy lines, they must try to survive without any resources.


Garry Graham Smith

Michael J. Tait

Written and Directed by Helen Curran

Produced by Sarah Brady

Director of Photography Theo Kirkpatrick

Production Designer Rhiannon Clifford

Editor Matt Hamer

Sound Designer Lotty McGrath

Composer Graham J. Davison

Technical Details

Country: UK

Language: English

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1


Sound Mix: Stereo

Genres: War, Horror, Psychological, Student, Drama

Available screening formats: .mov, MP4, Blu-Ray, PAL and NTSC, Secure Link

Director's Statement

My intention when I began to write Delicacy was to make a five minute, two hander, set in one location. During script development the idea grew and I knew directing Delicacy would be a challenge I wasn't ready for.


Wanting to do it justice, I put it on the back burner while I gained some other directorial experience. From initial concept to distribution the project has been with me on and off for around three years. It's a project I have immense passion for and a story I was, and still am, excited by.


The idea for Delicacy came about through my own hunger whilst spotting a retro 1940s style bottle of root beer. Going back further than that it was probably the fascination and fear from listening to my Grandparents tales of WWII.


The film is my graduate piece, an ambitious project that grew far beyond my original intentions and expectations. The process has been a very challenging and also very rewarding one.

Helen Curran

June 2014

Telling a taut tale in its brief fifteen minute running time, Delicacy is a brilliant example of a low-budget filmmaker making the most of what they have. Two fabulous young actors, the single location, and a great eye for lighting and shooting the subject to enhance the already fabulous production values. Utilising a 2.35:1 ratio gives a really dynamic, cinematic feel to it all.

- Martin Unsworth of Starburst Movie Magazine